Financial Services

CFO Services

Above all, Methodical Platforms wants to become your trusted advisor

CFO responsibilities vary depending on the stage of a company’s life cycle (launch, growth, shake-out, maturity, decline) and Methodical Platforms can augment your firm's senior management team by offering operational guidance, ensure effective compliance, accounting, fundraising, and assisting with providing financial modeling in order to determining go or no go purchasing decisions. We decided to offer this service as a technology company, because CFO’s are being placed at the forefront of being the key decision maker in driving adoption of technology and leading in the transformation that ensures technology success within an organization.

Our team assists by providing clients the following:

  • Leadership partner
  • Fundraising preparation
  • Cash flow management and planning (Monitoring cash burn rate)
  • Implement financial controls
  • Prepare current and forecasting reports
  • Coordinating activity and tax strategies with an in-house CPA firm (Performed through Michele Beck CPA,
  • Improving yearly financial objectives that align with the client’s plan for growth and expansion
  • Performing risk management by analyzing the client’s liabilities and investments
  • Developing KPIs and creating a data-driven decision oriented business climate