Software Services

Quality Assurance

Our experts define and achieve the client’s business-critical quality objectives using our comprehensive QA services.

QA Services

We work with our customers to make sure the development process is progressing in line with requirements and the end product is free of bugs. We coach them how to establish concrete control over your product’s life cycle, monitor every development stage, and give you accurate product quality.

  • Software Platforms Analysis

    On-site and off-site project/environment analysis
    Design review
    Auditing and analyzing the client’s existing QA procedures
    Identifying project deficiencies and their root cause

  • Mutli-stage Testing

    Building master test plans
    Identifying associated update plans in support of new releases
    Defining test matrices
    Outlining post-production deployment test strategy

  • Non -functional Testing

    Usability testing
    Performance/Stress testing
    Environments Setup testing
    Configuration testing

  • Functional Testing

    Unit testing
    Functional manual/automation testing
    Feature testing (positive and negative scenarios)
    Integration testing
    Regression testing
    End-to-end testing

  • Defect analysis

    Investing the root cause of defect
    Identifying missing/unclear requirements